Thursday, October 30, 2008


Man i love this place!! It was freezing though, i felt bad for the poor girls (it doesn't get this cold in the part of Japan where they are from! oops!)
I have to work 2-10 the next 2 nights (yes i work halloween night! grrrrrr) but i have the weekend off i am hoping to get more cards made:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wed. SBS Challenge #4!!

I know its not Wed but i am giving you an extra day to get started (plus i won't have time to post tomorrow! lol). I will also give an extra day for Challenge #3! I will do the draw on Thursday:) I am going back to the pumpkin farm tomorrow with more Japanese friends!!

So here it is...

Your challenge is to make a birthday card with 2 embelishments on it:) Pretty simple..and it will help you with your birthday cards:) If you use my colours you will get an extra ballot! I used Old Olive, Elegant Eggplant, really rust and black (you can use any shade of green, purple, rust and black). I got the colours from a bella colour challenge and i LOVE them!!

Have fun to bowling:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a day!!!

I got soooooooo much accomplished today! YAY! First off i got to sleep in, which never happens! I got up at 11am!! Usually its 6ish. I went out for breaky with my niece before she went back to school, then i started making cards! I finished all the cards i had left from my stamp a stack..about 40 or so (i always make extra so i can have cards left over for swaps, Xmas etc.). I cleaned up (so my sister would get off my case!!). I made this snowman card for a swap i am in (she supplied everything on it, i just put it together). I love this image, its too cute! I have no idea who makes it. I also love the paper!! Again no idea who makes it:) I sent out a bunch of Raks and bday cards for the Rak group i am in. I stamped images for a friend. I packed everything i have sold online so i can mail it. Organized my stamping space. So all in all i had a good day! Its been raining all day so i really had nothing else to do on my day off:)
I guess that was it:) Phew! Now its time to chill out and watch some tv:)

blog candy....

you can find some here and here and here and here
and here
good luck:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

No card making today...

but i had a crazy day! Work was insane!! There was a volleyball tourny at the school across the we had RUDE boys all day, and they kept going and going and going...then i came home and rested for about an hour and off to the pumpkin farm we went! I forgot my camera..duh...we went to Howells Pumpkin farm (you can see pictures from last year on my scrapbook page a few posts down!). The Japanese girls and boys LOVED it:) They had pig races, hay rides, goats, a haunted barn, was cool. I always get a kick out of going places they have never been, you see things in a whole new way!! Did you know they don't celebrate Halloween in Japan?? WHAT?? I guess there are a lot of countries that don't! WHAT?? Its one of my fave times of the year!!
Ok i am off to eat some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip bread......mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds yummy!!!!
I am hoping to get some cards made in the next 2 days!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am VERY excited.....

so.......i have no cards to share today, i am still making the same Xmas cards from my stamp a stack!! ugh...BUT ........... I did hear the new GUNS N' ROSES song on the radio....and there is a release date set for NOV 23RD!!! If you all don't know...GNR is my fave band of all time!! I have loved Axl since i was about 12 or so!! I always told my dad i was going to marry him, hee hee. He would say "no hippies are coming into my house" (Yes every guy with long hair is a hippie!!). Man i could tell so many GNR stories, but i won't bore you!! Oh i do have a card to post, i got it from my secret angel on the Magnolia group...Isn't it cute!! I also got some amazing swaps back in the mail!!

Ok off to have dreams of my future hubby...;P


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SBS Wed. Challenge #3:)

So its Wed. and i have a day off! I am making up Christmas cards so i don't have to rush like mad at the last minute! So you challenge for today is to make a Christmas card using non traditional Christmas Colours (like no red and green) . This card is the same layout as my snowmen card but i used a bella instead, I actually like this layout turned this way much better!!
I am going to draw the winner for the challenge to the SBS forum:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Scrapbook pages:)

So i don't scrap book too much...i acutally like to join swaps and use other people pages:) But here are some of my creations over the years. The birds page and Halloween page i did in class, they are my faves:) Hope you enjoy them!!

Blog candy alert!!

Here is some great blog candy...
She has a great blog as well!!!

here is another great one!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

what a week...

Today was my Stamp A Stack day, i always wonder why people RSVP they are coming and then NOT show up! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh well i will have some cards for swaps now:) I have to say i am looking forward to getting back to normal and going back to work. This week was just out of my element, i feel like i accomplished nothing! Here is another card from my SAS:) I completly cased it from Laura Robinson, just changed the stamps. The people who came loved it though:)

Well off to bed....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look what i made today:)

Here is a gift card holder i made today for a bella swap:) Hope you like it! I got alot accomplished today but not much stamping:( This week has been crazy! I kinda can't wait to get back to work! ugh....


Ok drawing a new winner!!

Since i have not heard from the winner of my blog candy i have decided to draw another name....and the name is DEBBY:) YAY! Please email me your addy so i can get your stuff out:)


Friday, October 17, 2008


I am looking for Laura (tinxmagic)...if i don't hear from ya by tomorrow morning i will be doing another draw!!
Off to Toronto shopping for the day:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who knew....

my vacation would be so busy!! ugh!! All i have made are the 2 challenge cards and got stuff ready for my stamp a stack! Tomorrow i am going to Toronto to visit my aunt and cousin and to pick up my niece! We are going to have a girls day:) All i have done the last 2 days is shop! I bought some really cool things though!! I found a dollar store that sells this cool prima-like flowers!! So my picture for today will have to be some more older creations i have made:)

Ok how about these frames!! The one with the flowers is of my mom (RIP) and the ones with the leaves i made for my dad:) Its my parents in Las Vegas at the Grand Canyon i think:) He loved it and its sitting on his tv:) These are the frames from Michaels that are $1.50!!

Alright i am off for some more shopping!! I will be creating lots on Saturday!! No one will be dragging me out of the house!!!! :)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wed. SBS#25 Challenge #2!!

Yes ladies its Wed:) here is your second challenge!! Its an easy one!! All you have to do is make a card with a technique you have never done before!! Easy enough! You can find lots of techniques at SCS under resources!

Mine was Watercolouring! Believe it or not i have never done this!! So i used my new Peerless paint and some other kind of paint (its shiny, got it from the bella store as well) to make my cards!
I have a day of shopping ahead of me:) I hope i find lots of cool stuff!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My first vacation day:)


Was spent with the brats:) I took my nephew and 2 nieces to visit our grandma (their great grandma). She is 94 and lives in a home! She is always in great spirits though and its always fun to see her:) She got a kick out of Shannons halo:)


After that Shannon and i got ready for my stamp a stack! Here are a few pictures of a couple cards i am doing:) Ok you are only getting one card because the other one won't turn around the right way! grrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ok i am off to clean up and relax:)

Happy Thanksgiving:)

So yesterday was our big family gathering!! My sister and her hubbys families get together for the holidays and we eat a lot! lol It was also my sisters bday so we got to celebrate that as well! Here are a few pictures!! This is my sister blowing out the candles with her hubby jim:)

These are my nieces Shannon (blonde) and Amanda (tall).

This is my sister:) With her birthday cake:) She turned 46 i think, she was excited with how the bakery did her cake:)

This is a picture of me and my brother:)

This is the only picture i got of my dad! He doesn't like pictures!! He is the one with the CSI hat on.


WOW!! I can't believe the response i got to this blog candy and how many hits my blog got:) Thanks everyone who played i had fun reading all the comments!!
So the winner is.....
(tinxmagic) Laura here is what she said!!
"I am a "follower" of Mile high Scrap n stamp - found you by following her link... CONGRATS On getting 500 in a month!!! That rocks! Have a blast! I don't have too many people that read my blog but I will put a link on my blog too. ("
Congrats laura and please email me your addy so i can send your stuff out:)

I am offically on vacation so i will be doing lots of stamping:)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Debby the bum tagged me!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr ;) hee hee

I've been tagged by Debby! I have some new friends now i can bug so i will play!! .Here's how it works...1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.2. Answer the five sets of five (these are easy)3. Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Here are the 5 sets of five...
Things you love
  • 1. Corrosion Of Conformity
  • 2. Reeeeed Mullin
  • 3. Stamping
  • 4. My family i guess ;)
  • 5. the 80's .
Things you don't love...
  • 1. mean angry vindictive manipulative people
  • 2. Ebay
  • 3. Canada Post
  • 4. Seaweed
  • 5 Sore legs in the middle of the night!

Songs on your iPod/Playlist

  • 1. Drowning in a Daydream- COC
  • 2. Vote with a Bullet- COC
  • 3. Talk Dirty to Me- Poison
  • 4. Don't Know What you Got Until its Gone- Cinderella
  • 5. Roots - Sepultura

Favorite Foods/Drinks

  • 1. gnocchi
  • 2. Anything my dad makes!! (pizza, lasagna, rissoto, )
  • 3. Chatters Quesadillas!! mmmmmm
  • 4. Humpty Dumpty Cheesies!!
  • 5. Potato skins

People you are tagging...

Have fun ladies:)

Sorry about Yesterday...

Hi everyone! My goal was to post everyday...but i missed yesterday...i guess i had a good reason!! I was at the hospital! ugh...i woke up in the middle of the night Thurs. night with the worst pain in my leg!! It felt like it was on fire, i felt like all the nerves were was insane. Anyway i went to work the next day (i know who does that!! lol) and i had bad pains in my leg, i felt like a ran a marathon! So i called my Dr., he said to get to emerg. it sounds like a blood clot! off i go...and if anyone knows what the Ontario Health Care system is SUCKS!! So i waited 3 hours....for the Dr. to tell me it was a bad muscle spasm...what?? ummmm so its ok today...i worked all day and i was ok. I go see my physio guy Jeff (hes amazing, and my friends husband) on Tuesday so lets see what he has to say! It was scary!!

So anyway here i am...i only have 2 shifts and then vacation time!! I made a card was a Bella Colour Challenge and a Bella Sketch challenge (from the bellaholics group). I coloured the flower with my bravo burgandy marker, and it really doesn't match the paper...sniff sniff...oh well it was the first time i tried colouring my flowers:) (would you believe i have 2 SU pretties kits and have only used 1 flower from them??)

Ok enough rambling...i really have to get ready for my Christmas Stamp A Stack!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well i am all stamped out! lol This is an older card i did for a monthly kit swap. I have no idea what this image is from but its cute:) The asian card is from The Cats Pajamas, i love asian stuff:)

I am going to take it easy today i can feel a cold coming on...ugh...Then i have 4 more shifts and i am on vacation! YAY! I have to use sometime to get my stamp a stack ready...i just have no motivation to do it! All of that cutting...ugh...i will call my 2 brats to come help me (my nieces!!).

Ok i am going to get some rest:) have a great hump day!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes another post...

I made more cards, can you believe it?? lol I *had* to catch up on those challenges to be entered into a draw...not that i ever win anything...but i have to try:) They are all bella challenges but i didn't use bellas:) I had to try out some of these stamped images i had:)
See you all tomorrow:)

I need more Days off:)

So today was my day off from both jobs and look at all i got accomplished!! I am almost caught up on those darn Bella Challenges:) YAY!

I went to Physio today for the first time about my knee... and i have warped knees! lol So hes going to fix them and then i will start my weight loss challenge, i promise!!

This card turned out so cute! Rockabella is my fave and I hardly ever use here! I think these colours work great together!!

I can't say i really like this card or these colours together! But i guess that is why i do challenges to see what i like and what i don't! I was really stumped with what to do with this bella too...mmmmmm

Oh i love these colours together! The background paper is actually Halloween paper:) I love the design on it! I used some glitter pens on Rockabella so she truely looks like a rockstar:)

Ok this last card was a challenge because i don't use primary colours all that often...i have no idea what this image is from. I think i got it from Sarah in a Sarah help me out:)
I think she needs some kind of bling but not sure what!!

Ok i should shower and get ready for Bowling...wish me luck!! I need it i am a terrible bowler!! ha ha My Aunt is amazing though, her average is 170!!


Congrats are in order:)

My friend's Lindsay and Joel just had a baby boy at 1am this morning!! His name is Lennon Michael!! I can't wait for the pictures to be posted online so i can see him! Anyway this is the card i am going to send them!! (I am still playing catch up on my bella challenges!! lol)

I made this card today as well:)
Also...i can't believe i hit 1000+!! wow you guys are amazing! If i hit 1500 by Sunday i will add some more goodies to the blog candy:)


Monday, October 6, 2008

OMG!!! ...

WOW i can't believe the counter is at 900+!! WOW! I will draw for the candy on Sunday Oct 12th! Its our Thanksgiving here so i will give thanks to you guys for helping me hit 1000!!
Here are a couple cards i made today:) nothing special but they were fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

OH a Fun challenge:)

Ok so i challenged myself today! I made 5 cards with the same image, basic grey paper and ribbon...but each time i changed it a bit...

So this first card is the card for my swap. This is a kit i am giving my group and this is the card i made with the kit:)

This next card i wanted to cut out Tilda, i have seen so many people do this and make scenes and stuff i had to try it. The paper made the scene (since i can't draw and have no stamps for making a scene).

Then i changed the background paper and used Bella baubles for corners!

This was just a plain card trying to keep it simple!

And the last card i used some primas and changed up the ribbon a bit!!
So if you wanna play my challenge let me know where your cards are and i will put a ballot in for my blog candy:)

Closed!! Waiting to hear from the winner!!I HAVE BLOG CANDY!!!!

I can't believe i am over 500 hits!! That is crazy!! I have only had my blog for a month!! So its time i give away some blog candy!! Up for grabs are 2 CTMH stamp sets (i am a SU demo so i have no use for these!) and a mixed bag of embelishments! There are brads, eyelets, etc!! I will also include some cards as well!!

What do you have to do to be entered?? Post a comment here, put a link on your blog helping me get to 1,000 hits, and if you want to follow my blog i will enter you twice!!
I will draw once i get to 1,000 hits:)

Happy Sunday!!!