Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am VERY excited.....

so.......i have no cards to share today, i am still making the same Xmas cards from my stamp a stack!! ugh...BUT ........... I did hear the new GUNS N' ROSES song on the radio....and there is a release date set for NOV 23RD!!! If you all don't know...GNR is my fave band of all time!! I have loved Axl since i was about 12 or so!! I always told my dad i was going to marry him, hee hee. He would say "no hippies are coming into my house" (Yes every guy with long hair is a hippie!!). Man i could tell so many GNR stories, but i won't bore you!! Oh i do have a card to post, i got it from my secret angel on the Magnolia group...Isn't it cute!! I also got some amazing swaps back in the mail!!

Ok off to have dreams of my future hubby...;P



  1. I'm a huge GnR fan too! Haven't heard the new song yet. Anu good? I read Slash's book not too long ago. It was all very iteresting.


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