Friday, October 24, 2008

No card making today...

but i had a crazy day! Work was insane!! There was a volleyball tourny at the school across the we had RUDE boys all day, and they kept going and going and going...then i came home and rested for about an hour and off to the pumpkin farm we went! I forgot my camera..duh...we went to Howells Pumpkin farm (you can see pictures from last year on my scrapbook page a few posts down!). The Japanese girls and boys LOVED it:) They had pig races, hay rides, goats, a haunted barn, was cool. I always get a kick out of going places they have never been, you see things in a whole new way!! Did you know they don't celebrate Halloween in Japan?? WHAT?? I guess there are a lot of countries that don't! WHAT?? Its one of my fave times of the year!!
Ok i am off to eat some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip bread......mmmmmmmmmmmm sounds yummy!!!!
I am hoping to get some cards made in the next 2 days!!!


  1. Australia is one of those countries too.

  2. Unfortunately, we don't celebrate Halloween in Serbia. What a shame.

    Hugs Vanja

  3. They celebrate Halloween where I am in Japan, outside of Tokyo. They have costumes and decorations for sale at Toys r Us. Yea, theres a Toys r Us here. lol
    You really must share the recipe for this pumpkin chocolate chip bread! I have one for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that are oh so yummy.


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