Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving:)

So yesterday was our big family gathering!! My sister and her hubbys families get together for the holidays and we eat a lot! lol It was also my sisters bday so we got to celebrate that as well! Here are a few pictures!! This is my sister blowing out the candles with her hubby jim:)

These are my nieces Shannon (blonde) and Amanda (tall).

This is my sister:) With her birthday cake:) She turned 46 i think, she was excited with how the bakery did her cake:)

This is a picture of me and my brother:)

This is the only picture i got of my dad! He doesn't like pictures!! He is the one with the CSI hat on.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Janet (I'm only aBrit but isn't this a bit early? LOL)

  2. These are sweet too. Happy Canada Thanksgiving! Ours isn't till November. We don't do much not much family around here. Just the 3 of us. I kind of like it that way.


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