Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry about Yesterday...

Hi everyone! My goal was to post everyday...but i missed yesterday...i guess i had a good reason!! I was at the hospital! ugh...i woke up in the middle of the night Thurs. night with the worst pain in my leg!! It felt like it was on fire, i felt like all the nerves were was insane. Anyway i went to work the next day (i know who does that!! lol) and i had bad pains in my leg, i felt like a ran a marathon! So i called my Dr., he said to get to emerg. it sounds like a blood clot! off i go...and if anyone knows what the Ontario Health Care system is SUCKS!! So i waited 3 hours....for the Dr. to tell me it was a bad muscle spasm...what?? ummmm so its ok today...i worked all day and i was ok. I go see my physio guy Jeff (hes amazing, and my friends husband) on Tuesday so lets see what he has to say! It was scary!!

So anyway here i am...i only have 2 shifts and then vacation time!! I made a card was a Bella Colour Challenge and a Bella Sketch challenge (from the bellaholics group). I coloured the flower with my bravo burgandy marker, and it really doesn't match the paper...sniff sniff...oh well it was the first time i tried colouring my flowers:) (would you believe i have 2 SU pretties kits and have only used 1 flower from them??)

Ok enough rambling...i really have to get ready for my Christmas Stamp A Stack!!!



  1. Cute card! That's crazy about your leg though. I'm glad it wasn't as serious as they thought it might be.

  2. Very cute card! I hope your leg is better now. Something like that would certainly have scard me!

  3. Your card is adorable! I'm so glad that it wasn't a blood clot! Hope your feeling better now!

  4. Such pretty card! Hope your leg is better.


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