Monday, February 14, 2011

...a rant...

Hey:) I don't usually rant about things on my blog....but i have one for ya today! This rant is about Valentine's Day. I don't like Valentine's Day, i never have and i never will. Why don't i like it? Well its just a Hallmark holiday. When i was in relationships i loved those people everyday, so why should i only tell them that one day? I purposely would work every Valentine's Day so i didn't have to do all the stupid things that came along with the day. I hate flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears. While I am on the topic I would also like to say....yes i am single, no i don't want to ever get married or have kids. I have decided I will never take anyone into my life that isn't going to treat me right, this my friends is why i am single. I will also stay single forever until the right person comes along. I have been the person in the crappy relationship and i did something about it...i got out!! I don't think i am getting old and need to rush to find someone to settle down with, if its happens fine, if it doesn't oh well. I have enough friends and family to get me through:) I have plenty of guy friends i can use as dates at weddings, or functions so that's fine with me! I just wish people would stop asking questions or trying to pressure me to go out and find the right one! Its amazing how people can't understand that I am happy with my life right now, and i am happy with me, so really just leave me alone!! lol

Ok rant over...i feel much to spend Valentine's Day learning Slayer songs. :)

Here is one of my fave Exodus songs....


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