Thursday, August 5, 2010

...i'm on the night train....

soooooooooo on tues aug 3rd i got to meet one of the many rockstars that i adore. This was the meeting of Steven Adler (he was the original Guns N' Roses drummer) at a book signing in Toronto. I have been a HUGE Gn'R fan since i was 10...yes that is 23 years!! I was acting like a little school girl! (and i never get like that with rockstars because i have met soooooooooo many of them!) He hugged everyone, he was sober and we even go to chat a bit!! It was amazing!!

Here is the hug:)

and here is our posed picture!! I was SOOOOOOO happy (as you can tell!)...he was one of the sweetest guys i have met!!! :)

Ok hopefully i can get some time to craft this week...i work 9 days in a row now...yikes....



  1. Yes you were acting like a little school girl. I have never seen you like that before. It was very entertaining to watch. When I get back from New York, I will get the pictures printed. I take it you want a copy of the ones with you and him?

  2. Oh Janet!!!
    Steven(G&R), Kerry(Slayer) - you're lucky!!! For me it's just a dream....

  3. Janet!! Hi there friend! I saw this on Facebook about you meeting Adler. You are so lucky!! I love him!! I have met some stars, but the only rock star I ever got to meet was Billy Idol and Sam Kinison even though Sam was a comedian, he lived like a rock star. Got to go back stage with them. Very cool and wicked fun!! Hope all is well with you.
    Love and hugs, Leslie


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