Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Amanda:)

Today is my niece Amanda's 19th Birthday!! WOW can you believe it?? Well maybe you can but i can't!! This is the brat (i call all my nieces and nephew brats! lol) i babysat every weekend!! (yes i had no life for years because of her!! lol). My how time flies!Here is a picture of us in Toronto when i took her with me so i could meet some guy from online! LOL Nice Aunt eh??
We celebrated her birthday on Friday since we are going to be at the funeral home all weekend:(
Ok onto the card!! I made this card for a MFT sketch!! When i made this i should have been in bed, but i had to stay up to make time i
will just go to bed! ha ha I thought i would switch
up my colours a bit! I used Basic Grey paper
(i got through wish rak) and this image came from wish rak as well. I attempted to make a bow...ha ha I think i will read the instructions better next time!!
Here is some cool blog candy!!


  1. Well your bow looks FAB compared to some of mine! lol What a great auntie you are--meeting off the internet can be so risky. SO, I'm on the DT over at KLSNS and you have another chance to win some blog candy! I just posted some on my own blog-in celebration of my birthday next week. Come see! :)

  2. Oh, love the image!

    How did you get on with the online guys then? ;)

    Have fun

  3. Wow, Janet~you have quite the stamp collection! Wish I could come see it!

    I am so sad about your grandmother. Know that I am hugging you, l?

  4. Hi Janet,
    This a great card, nice stamp I love it hope to order it in the future.

  5. Hey, tell Amanda happy belated birthday from me! Your card looks great! :)


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