Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cans:)

I decided this year i was going to make Christmas tins for everyone at work this year! Here is a little explaination how to make them!! They are simple, but some people have asked so here it is!!

Step 1- Clean your pringles cans! I rinse them out with hot water!

Step 2- dry them with a paper towel and then i turn them upside down to make sure they are dry!

Step 3- Cut your DSP 9" X 9 1/2". This fits perfect around the tins!!

Step 4- Meet Shannon:) She helps me with all my big projects:) Put some sticky strip on the 2 sides that are 9". You can also put some on the middle for extra support!

Step 5- Wrap the paper around the can, try to line it up with the top or bottom so its even. Its takes couple tries to get it right:)

Step 6- this is what the can looks like when wrapped!

Step 7- We want to cover up the seem, so there is left over DSP right?? Look it fits exactly over it!! (i used the other side of it!)

Step 8- Now normally i would stamp, or deco with ribbon or something...but we had to make 30 of these so we keep them simple! I made ornaments from the Stampin' Up! star bright kit and attached them by the lid. I plan on filling them up with candy or something else as well!!

Also with the rest of the DSP you can make these neat ornaments!! Just cut your paper 1"X6", you will need 8 pieces of paper! Place your paper one on top of each other, each piece showing a different side (you can use as many different ones as you want, i just used 2!). Then punch a hole in the top and the bottom of the paper and place a brad in there to hold all the paper together. Then all you have to do is pull the pieces of paper apart and it makes a ball! Tie some ribbon or cord around the top and you have ornaments:)
Ok i think that is it for today!!
Oh and i won Blog candy over at Ilikemarkers!! Can you believe it????? I get some copic ciao markers!!! If i have any doubles maybe i will add it to my blog candy!! :)


  1. Awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. These are great Janet! Way to recycle those cans too. :)

  3. Fantastic idea! Wish I was getting one for Christmas!


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