Friday, April 6, 2012

...welcome to the fun palace...

Today I am bringing you some good 'ol canadian metal!! Annihilator!!!!! This was the one band i wanted to see really bad on the boat!! I have never seen em cuz they never tour canada!!! (ya i know weird eh??) They were awesome and it was worth the money just to see them!! :)

For this page i used some of my cool guitar paper from Piggy Tales. I haven't really used this paper for anything...been hoarding it cuz i love it!!

Anyway..the letters are from Michaels (i did reattach the R after the fact! lol) I included the card i got signed and a guitar pick from Jeff Waters! The bling was from my stash.

For this page i used the same paper but it has bigger guitars on it. I used all the live shots for this page. The journalling is under Al ;) lol It also came in the Piggy Tales kit.

Guess that is it:) HUGS!

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