Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...like a phoenix rising...

Morning everyone:) So this isn't a cruise page..its a Janet n Bill page:) When we hung out on our weekend together both of us forgot our cameras!! OOPS! So we have minimal pictures that i took with my phone camera...and its not very good! Thankfully the lady at Shoppers helped me fix it:)

Ok i know...whats with the pink..well i went with the colour of the drinks and then a lot of the words on this page are relevant...so i went with it! The paper is from the rockstar pack (yes i reallly like this pack!!)...the bling is from my stash and so are the letters.

That's about it...i really do love it though:)



  1. Love both pages. You did a great job on both. Love that you are creating again.


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