Tuesday, December 1, 2009

....everyday i am thankful for you...

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today is a special post! Do you ever get down and one of your friends says you have so much to be thankful for?? Well this is one of those thankful posts! So after i am done telling you about my card you can leave or continue reading to see what i am thankful for (it may get mushy, i am in one of those moods!)

Ok my card! This is another card kit...and although i do own this paper i have never used it :O shocking eh?? I realized today that i love it and will use my stash!! :) Its raspberry tart by SU!

I coloured Tilda with copics and cut her out and layered her on a rectangle nestie cut out of kiwi kiss paper.

I then put a strip of dsp on the rectangle and added some flowers and bling from the kit.

The border is from the kit as well, its very pretty. The sentiment is from the kit too and fits perfect for my post:)

I finished off the card with some ribbon from the kit as well!!

Ok onto my thankfullness:) Here is a list (in no order) of things i am thankful for :)

My family...they have been there for me through everything i have been through in my life. I am thankful that my brats have grown up to be amazing adults and are making us all proud by being in school!! Love you guys! I am thankful that my sister and BIL give me a roof over my head and food in my tummy on a daily bases, or else i would be living in a cardboard box on the side of the road ;) I am thankful that my Brother and SIL are always there to vent too and support my descisions all the time. I am thankful that my dad watches Abby so she doesn't have to be alone for 8 hours while i am at work.

My Abby:) She is such a joy in my life and one of the best gifts i have ever gotten. She always knows how to put a smile on my face:)

My friends...(man this could get long, you can stop reading at anytime!) Devon, she is always supportive of whatever i choose to do (or not do), she always encourages me to do what i want to do, she is the reason i am making this blog post:) I love our heart to hearts, love ya hun!
Kristen..she is my voice of reason and my shopping buddy (she always knows what is going to look good on me before i even try it on!). I am thankful she has been there for me through some of the hardest times in my life!! I don't think i could have made it through without her!!
Crystal helped me get through hard times by being one of my funnest friends:) Our road trips, sing alongs, rockerarobics, etc.. :)
Randy, Josh and Chris...3 of the coolest drinking buddies anyone could have, they are freaking hilarious!! :) Randy may be quiet but makes the most sense when you are having guy trouble :)
Chris (the US one!)...although he lives miles awaya and i miss him tons he is still there for me, i love our chats and the way he always reminds me of who i am and why people love me so much! We will drink together again one day buddy!! miss ya!!
Karen and Dana i am so thankful i met these 2 wonderful ladies! I have learned sooooooo much from them (both in stamping and life!). Their creativity blows my mind and i learn from them daily. They are also my fave 2 people to email my crazy stories too!! ;) Miss you guys, we need a stamp date in 2010 together!!!
Chris (the coolest guitar player ever one)..i am thankful he helped me remember who i was when i needed to know the most. I am thankful he has been a kick ass friend so far, and i hope for a long time coming!!

My crafting...i am so glad Karen taught me all about this subject! Its my release from the stress of everyday life. I love seeing peoples faces when they get one of my gifts, i like to make people smile!!

My job...really i have a great job, the pay is good, hours are good...sure there are challenges but nothing i can't handle. My staff are pretty kick ass and am thankful they help me out everyday! My managers are my backbone and i love them to death:)

MUSIC:) As most of you know music is my life. I am thankful that one day in 1987 a kid in my class played Guns N' Roses for me, if not god only knows what i would be listening to now a days! I am thankful for all the road trips and concerts i have seen, all the amazing bands i have met and hung out with. I am thankful i was able to be in 2 kick ass bands and inspire people in the process.

Ok...i know there is more but this is long enough and i have no idea who is even going to read this!! But if you are reading this i am thankful for you my blog followers!! I am always amazed at all the comments you leave on my blog ....i heart you :)



  1. You keep smiling and counting those blessings Sistah!

    There's a packet on it's way to you, hope it gets there soon and puts a smile on your face


  2. AWWWW, we are thankful for YOU too Janet!! You are an inspiration to all of us!!!!! LOve you & your card!!!!!
    BIG HUGS!!!

  3. Janet you are so sweet!! Thanks for you kind words & you know I LOVE your cards & hearing about your life - ya know I've been married a long time! We will have to plan a stamp date in 2010!!

  4. Wow Janet! That's quite a list. I'm thankful to have met you at Linda's Stampin' Up party way back when!!! :)

  5. Your card is beautiful and I did read it. Sounds like you have some very wonderful people in your life. I am glad you are so blessed. You Rock! I'm not surprised you have so many great friends.

  6. You're right Janet. The most important things in life are your friends and family. You're doing fine - keep it up.

  7. Read your whole post and it sounds as if you are a great friend & have a lot to be thankful for. I'm so glad I've found your blog, your work & especially your sketched keep me inspired.


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