Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So all the SU stuff...

i have been getting the questions as to why i am leaving. Well you see i wasn't going to make my mins this 1/4 and was sitting on the fence with what to do! Then a new contract came down the line that all us demos have to sign by Sept 30th. In the contract it states that we can not link to other companies on our blogs, we can not be on any DT's, etc. Well i love all sorts of stamps and companies, i like to help out the little guy. So i have decided to support Stamping Bella, Taylored Expressions, Hanna Stamps, Magnolia, Lindsays Stamp Stuff, Digi Shack, Squigglefly, etc...instead of just supporting SU.
I actually got a nasty message from a demo who was outraged that people are leaving...i was only a hobby demo and only did this for the discount. So really i don't get what the big deal is!!

Congrats to all the demos who are sticking around, you will have some new customers heading your way! Congrats to all the demos leaving, let the freedom begin:)



  1. Well put Janet, and we little guys love you! :)

  2. Janet,
    I just recently signed up with SU because I do love their products. After reviewing the new IDA quite closely, I find that it will not affect me or cause changes to my blog or what I do - because it is all so new to me. However, if I were given the opportunities of sharing my creativity on a DT then I would make the same decision as you. I hope to see much of your inspiration continue and will continue to visit! Best to you.

  3. Janet, You made a great decision. I too was a demo for about 5 years and then when I realized all the great smaller companies out there with equally great product and I didn't want to limit myself to just SU! Too many rules! So with that being said, You made a great choice and just have fun!!
    Hugs, Dannette

  4. Good for you for sticking to your freedom of choice. You shouldn't feel bad about your decision. They can't have it both ways, and if they haven't cottoned on by the number of people leaving their commitment to SU by now, why should you tell them, especially if they bully you? I can say this, because I can't get SU where I live so I am impartial.

    You are an excellent crafter don't let something like this stifle your creativity, your fans will find you because you are good.

  5. Sassy...and it's INSANE that they think they can tell you what to blog about! Not every company has every product you need...if so, there would just be one big mega-store, and there would be no HEALTHY competition!

    You rock on Janet!

  6. Janet goood for you hun, I dont blame you one bit!!! You dont see all the other companies saying "Dont design for another company on your blog" Su is crazy and I think once my club contract ends, I will no longer be a customer,im hoping they change their minds with all the demos ive seen leaving! Hugs to you hun!!!


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