Monday, October 5, 2009

BLOG CANDY!!!!!!!!!!! 80's STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok who's ready for some Corrosive Blogaversary Candy???????? Can you believe its been a year already?????????? So let's celebrate this the way i would, with an 80's scavenger hunt!!!

So here is how its going to work!!

To be entered into this big candy leave me a comment telling me what your favorite part of the 80's was!! I will draw a name with on Monday Oct 5th.

If you pass on the word about my candy you will get another entry!! :)

Then everyday come to my blog and i will have a question for you about an 80's song that i have been leaving on my blog for the last little while, everyone who answers correctly will be entered into the daily draw. Each Day i will have one stamp and a stamp spot to win:) Now i won't approve the comments until before i go to bed, that way you have to work for your prize!! :) I will do a drawing each night and one winner will get the stamp! So be sure to keep coming back to see what you can win, and if you won. I will do this everyday this week!! :)

I will also find some fun 80's pictures to post too...lets go back in time....

Here is what you can win...

10 Card kits for Christmas and Easter
Various 6X6 pieces of Designer paper
A complete kit of Vanilla Hodgepodge hardware
Sanded background stamp
bermuda bad ink pad and refill
a black SU inkspot
3 clear stamp sets
scene in a garden SU set
SU roller ruler things (can't remember the name)
2 funky scissors



  1. Hi Janet!
    Fabulos candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
    The 80's - I was at school. For me 80 this disco, Boney M, Abba..
    All around in fitting trousers is there was a style...
    And for me it was a birth of my favourite style of music - trash metall (megadeth, helloween, metallica)
    80 is there was a revolution! Freedom, a birth of new directions - hippie, metaliests,more... The 80 I can name one it there was a world and love!

  2. wow, what a great candy!
    I love your blog!
    I look every day on!

    I have you in my sidebar verlinked!

  3. Wow! this sounds like such fun! I think my favorite 80's thing was the birth of my youngest son, ABBA songs, some Disco songs, being in my 30s. They were some good times!
    Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Janet - Happy Blogaversary!
    And my favorite part of the 80's was highschool and college... and all that entailed. The music, bad clothes (we all loved then)... everything.
    Great blog candy! YOU ROCK!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Wow this is some sweet celebration candy. I would have to say my favorite part of the 80's were the births of my to DD! Thanks for a chance.

  6. Hi Janet

    Happy first blogoversary. You have a great blog candy.

    In the early 80s I was at university. It was great; small faculty, few students, we were like a family and it was also just a few years of mariage. It was the beginning of "real life".

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this super blog candy.

  7. Hi Janet!
    Happy first blogoversary.
    Fantastic candy! I put a link on my sidebar...
    The early 80s....I was born...I went to's my fav bano & romina power...

  8. Happy blogoversary!!

    The 80's - hmmmm, let's see?!?! What's not to love?!?! Big hair, fab music, awesome clothes!!

  9. MY FAVORITE PART OF THE 80'S...joining the military and learning to fly a plane....

  10. Happy 1 year Blogaversary!!!
    I was born in 82 so of course that is my favorite thing about the 80s.. also my brother was born in 80 and my other brother in 84... but other than that, my favorite movie ever came out in the 80s.. "Legend" starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara and Tim Curry.

  11. Happy blogoversary!!
    Lovely candy! I put a link on my sidebar...
    My favorite part of the 80's was (and still remains) music!!!!-BELINDA CARLISLE,PHIL COLLINS, RICHARD MARX,ABBA,BONNIE TYLER...

  12. Happy first Blogaversary Janet! I just love the 80's too! I was born in the early 80's but I grew up listening to the songs that my mom use to play on those Big disc such as Kenny Rogers, George Michael,Chicago,The Pretenders, and Reo Speedwagon. Those were my mom's fav.

  13. Hello Janet, thanks for the offer of the wonderful candy. I have added it to my Candland button on my blog (, I hope you get lots of lovely visitors over this week to play along.

    My favourite part of the 80's was at the end, when I met my DH, life really started to mean something to me from then on. Thanks for the memories.



  14. Congrads on the Blogaversary ~ The 80's totally rocked.. I loved the clothes and music~~~

  15. What a wonderful selection of items for your blog candy! Happy blogversary Janet!

    My favorite thing about the 80's was the Hair Band, especially Bon Jovi!!! I also loved the fashion since I was in high school during the late 80's (graduated in 1990) such as leg warmers, rolling the bottom of your jeans, wearing several layers of socks, parachute pants, poofy/teased out hair and Aqua Net hairspray. Whenever you want to relive it, watch the movie The Wedding Singer. LOL!

  16. Hi, I also put a post on my blog and facebook too..hehehe and my blog too..


  17. I was a teen in the 80's so big hair, bleached stone washed jeans and rock n roll. From Motley Crue to Def Leppard, Poison and more! The 80's rocked! Hot Jon Bon Jovi who can't forget him. Oh baby... thanks for this opportunity to win some candy Janet! And congrats on your anniversary!

  18. Well congrats to you Janet,Thanks for a chance to win great candy
    I will add you to the candy on my blog.
    Abba was my Fav.
    God Bless

  19. Happy Blogaversary! My favorite part of the 80's was graduating from High School in 1981.

  20. i was in my thirty, life had slowed down. I had just learned about rubber stamping. I loved it, and you can take it from their because I am still here today...........

  21. Happy Blogoversary! Graduated HS in 1984 so I am definetely a product of the 80's. The whole nine yards-big hair, leggings, All of the music from the Heavy Metal to Air Supply and all in between. The band was Warrant from you 9/21 post.

  22. hello, Janet
    Congrats on the one year of blogging!!! Best wishes for other blogging years!

    Thanks for the chance to win a lovely surprise - how exciting!
    I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy time”.

    My fav music in the 80 was the songs von ABBA!! And dancing in the disco! Oh, it was great and we was young!!

    Lot of greetings - Regina

  23. Hi!

    My favorite part of the 80's was the birth of our son in October 1980.

    Thanks for offering the blog candy. LindaC

  24. My favorite part of the 80's doesn't really have to do with a fad or anything like that but with the heart. I met my first true love in the 80's and all four of my children were born - 81, 82, 84 and 86.

  25. Wow the 80s were the great years. I graduated from high school. Those were the good ole days.

  26. During the 80's my daughter went throu the teen years. That was a fun time for me. I was able to support my daughter and myself without any sort of assistance. I met the love of my life in 84. We married in 86.
    Sharon L

  27. Happy Anniversary.. I posted your goodies on my blog


  28. I think Sometimes She Cries was done by Warrent. I forgot to put this in my earlier email.
    Sharon L

  29. Hi Janet,
    Happy Blogaversary to you, happy Blogaversary to you, happy Blogaversary dear Janet, happy Blogaversary to you! :-) I love your blog candy! My favourite part of the 80's is that I was born in them :-) How much better can it get :-)

  30. Happy blogaversary!! I really enjoy looking at your creations (some of the are gorgeous!!) Because I was born in the 80's, my favourite memory would have to be my childhood. Things were so much simpler and clothes weren't as tight! Keep up the fantastic work and thanks =)

  31. Oh wow what amazing blog candy! Happy Blogaversary from me also. :-)

    Hmm, I have to say that my favourite thing about the 80's had to be the birth of 5 of my Children! lol. Oh, and Abba, the bad hairdo's, I really love the 80's music.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be in to win. :-)

  32. Happy blogoversary Janet - there isn't much amazing things I remember from the 80's as I was born in -81, but one thing comes in mind is a band that you are with 100% certainty not aware of - Dingo. It was / is a Finnish band and they were huge in Finland in the 80's, I mean screaming, fainting girls and the lot. They came back in the 90's too, and hearing them makes me still smile - I can sing along most of their songs. Here's a youtube-video called "Levoton Tuhkimo" (Restless Cinderella) from 1985.

    Oh, and the vocalist was the wet dream of a decade of teenagers :D


    ps. Added your candy to my sidebar

  33. Have added a link in my sidebar of my blog.

    My memory of the 80's must be Live Aid! What a great show that was put on. It was also the decade of the birth of some fantastic bands - rock and pop as I loved both.

  34. Great blog candy. What the 80`s reminded me is more the disco period. In a party it is always a big winner.
    Hugs, Line

  35. Here's the link to the posting on my blog:

  36. Ha! I was a teenager in the 80s so I have fond memories of the clothes and the hair but my favorite part is the music. DURAN DURAN was my fave! :)

  37. Hi there Happy Blogaversary!! :0)This sounds like fun. My favorite part of the 80's was, the music, the Big Hair Rockers (yum) and the clothes.

  38. Happy blogoversary!!!
    My favorite thing about the 80's other than the birth of my daughter would be the clothes and big hair!

  39. Happy Anniversary to you..... the 80's was most memorable was college, wedding and birth of my daughter! I loved Phil Collins, Christopher Cross, Rick Springfield and Madonna and loved their concerts! Congrats! I got a new blog so I hope I link this right. Carol M in TX / /

  40. ohh... my fave part of the 80s was high school! and AC/DC Back in Black!

  41. I love the 80's!! My favorite about the 80's is the music. Bon Jovi! I used to go to alot of concerts. WE Rocked! Thanks for a chance to win awesome candy.

  42. Congrats!! janet!!
    okay i have a long list of stuff from the 80's that i OLVE but ill narrow it down,lol!!
    *ok music i love,"take on me" by AHA!!!
    * tv shows!! ,Small Wonder!!! and Punky Brewster!!!!
    *Movies,"The Karate Kid" ALL OF THEM LOL!!!
    *you have to love the hair!!! aha haha!!
    uh oh "GARBAGE PAIL KIDS" remember those lol!!!!ok i have to stop!!
    congratulations once again!!and thanks foro the chance to win good candy.RubyM

  43. the best memory of the 80's for me is the birth of my 3rd child. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I am honored to have been picked to be his mother.

  44. I have never gotten blog candy. What fun!!
    My favorite memory of the 80's is my kids. It seemed so easy then and we all were having fun. Seemed there were no problems. Living was easy.

  45. Hello! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
    I like music of 80's... Especially Michael Jackson...
    Thanks for a chance to win!


  46. Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up
    sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

  47. WOW - great candy! Congrats! My favorite part of the 80s will always be the MUSIC!!!!!

  48. Happy Blogoversary Janet!!!

    hhhmm my fav part, lets see....I was in high school, big hair was in and cool (thankfully my naturally curly hair and Texas humidity fit right in with that lol), the cool clothes (did someone say acid wash jeans?) and of course the great metal music!!!

  49. Happy blogoversary!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this nice candy.

    In 80 i have a birthday :) But and now I'm listen "Abba" and many Russian groups.

  50. Happy Blogaversary my friend, great candy and thanks for the chance to win :).

    Favourite bit of the 80s... hmmm... muscially it has to be that I finally saw the Stones at Roundhay Park in '82, which as it turned out was their last concert until the end of the 80s.

    Got married in 88 so that has to be the overall highlight though :)

  51. I became a teenager in the 80's. I graduated High school in 87. Loved the music, Wham, George Michael, Duran Duran. What is there not to love about the 80's. Oh but I do love your blog candy!! What a great way to celebrate.


  52. Hi Janet!
    Awesome blog candy! Sounds kind of sentimental but for me the 80's was the time for babies. The decade passed so quickly and now my boys are grown up . For them 2000's will be their baby time. Thanks for the chance to win!


  53. oh, you are a girl after my own heart! i can't decide between the music or the bold fashion statements... i still love both! most of my favourite bands came out of the '80s (i'm a new-wave gal), but i LOVED all the crazy things people started to do with their hair and their clothing. the colour combinations, the huge accessories, it was all fab!

    thanks for the FUN! i just happened across your blog tonight, but i'm lovin' the game!

  54. (oops, have also linked you in my sidebar!)

  55. Good memories of the 80's - definitely the music!

    Not so good memories - bad perms!

    Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy, have added you on my sidebar.

  56. My favorite thing about the 80's would have to be the music.
    I've blogged about you on my sidebar. =)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Happy Blogaversary!,(what a great idea, i might have to give some candy away for my one yr) I was only born in '77 so my fav memory of the 80's was of course, my baby brother being born, lol, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the music from the 80's like "Should I stay or should I go?" by the Clash, "Our House" by madness, etc...

  58. Oh yeah and forgot, I follow you on the corrosive challenge blog and only just found you here so now i follow you as well as linked you on my blog!

  59. Big Hair.. Loved it...
    and loved neon, and love Glam rock bands...

    Okay im an 80's girl....

  60. I was actually born 1980 so I don't remember much of it :) But now I'm listening to glamrock. I guess I remember childhood things from the eighties like schooltrips and such.

    Thank you for the chance on your candy. I linked on my candypost:


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