Sunday, July 5, 2009

No card for Monday...

i have some cards made, i will post them later in the week...i just thought i would update you all on what is going on with me.

Last week i broke up with my BF of 3 years, although i broke up with him it hit me pretty hard. I know its best for both of us to be apart, but it still hurts.

So its weird, i feel like i have this void in my life, i know i will get over it, just takes time. I would like to stay friends, but know that will take time too.

I can now start concentrating on myself (which has been a while since i have done!). At the moment i don't feel like doing much, i have been reading the twilight series (i am on the 4th book) and colouring a lot with my copics, and of course playing with my baby Abby:) (right now she is chewing on my slipper! lol)

I will always have a post a day, so no worries on that part, and i will have my challenges (although it challenging for me to make the cards! lol) keeps me going:)

Thanks to all my sisters who have been there for me through it all! I have a weekend up north next weekend to visit my friend Sandra and her family so that should help. You guys are the bestest!! :)



  1. Sending you a big hug across the pond... give it time girl... time is a great healer and 'creating' is wonderful stress relief.
    I was widowed 3 yrs ago... but time heals most wounds... you'll feel better soon hon. chin up... go make something nice... and hug your dog!
    love and a big hug lynx

  2. Janet, I can imagine it was pretty tough to do it after being with him for so long, but it's better than staying just cause it feels safe. Sending you hugs!

  3. Oh you poor thing. I do feel for you. Feeling lonely is an awful thing. There are some days (like today) that I simply don't like my DH and wish that I could just zap him to Mars. Then I remember what it was like when he went to the UK to visit with his brother and how much I had to do just to get through the day. I really missed him. You have opened your life now for new things to enter, I wish you well in recognising them and enjoying this new chapter in your life. Have fun next weekend with your friends, it will do you a power of good.

  4. Janet, I am thinking of you! These things take time, but you will feel better eventually. I am a true believer of everything happens for a reason and you will find true happiness in the future. In the mean time it is important to take care of YOU!!

  5. Oh, Janet, sending you big warm hugs. I'm so glad you have Abby, there is nothing like a dog for unconditional love :).

    It's a blessing to have a hobby to be absorbed in just now. Kick back, enjoy your cards and your own company - then go out there and Paaarty!!!


  6. Janet, hi little sister. I have had you on my mind. Know that you are thought of and prayed for often. We all love you so much. Break ups are hard no matter what the reason or who starts it. I definitely know that pain. I am glad you are getting out of town, nothing helps as much as a change of scenery. You are right, in time. Love to you friend. Hugs, Leslie

  7. Ah Janet, I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. Sending you great big hugs. It will get easier, keep busy honey x


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