Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My blog.....

Hi everyone...its about time i need to say something...I started this blog to connect with people, showcase my cards, and keep in touch with friends. My blog is my space and really i have it set up the way i want it set up. I have been an avid music fan for my whole life, i wouldn't want my life any other way. I have played in 3 bands, been to over 300 concerts and travelled the world to see bands. This is who i am.
There was a thread recently i saw on SCS that was about music on blogs and how annoying it is. I don't find it annoying at all when i go on someones blog and there is music playing, it helps me to see more of what they like and i always find it interesting to see what kind of music people listen to.
Why am i writing this you may ask?? I have had a few complaints about the music on MY blog. I am not going to make the music optional, simply turn your speakers off if you want to browse on MY blog, if not then don't come by, it really won't hurt my feelings. I am very proud of the music i listen to (did you know some of those bands i am friends with??) and i will not take it off MY blog....
sorry if this offended anyone but i know i won't make everyone happy, its not my intention to make everyone happy...i am here to create, and keep my friends up to date.
I didn't approve the comment...i don't need any negativity on my blog...really i have enough at work, shouldn't have it here too!!
Have a good night


  1. It's your blog~it should reflect YOU! That's why I stop by!

  2. Well said Janet. You did good! Stay true. I am right there with you.

  3. You should write a blog song...it's my blog and I'll play what I want to. If you are passionate about music share it with the world! thanks for your nice comment on my site. I was a legal secretary for 8 years and every day I worked that keyboard, I wished it was a piano!

  4. Thank You for getting back to me so soon!;) My mail is scrapcrazymartinez@yahoo.com
    You are so great;) Thanks again, Hugs

  5. Well said, Janet! It's your blog and you decide what sort of music you will have on your blog!!
    Hugs, sista

  6. Janet, you are SO right... your blog is an extension of you and the things you care about...
    Ok some people's music may not be to everyone's taste.... but they know how to turn the speakers off don't they???!!

  7. Good for you Janet, for taking a stand on your blog. :)

  8. Well said my friend!!!!! There is a mute button for a reason!!!!! I personally love the music on people's blogs - it is fun to listen to other styles of music that I normally wouldn't listen to, and it gives me ideas of music to add to my own blog playlist!!!! Good for you for sticking up for YOUR blog!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

  9. Your music don't bother me! I live with a guitar player, strat! and my windows are usually bouncing!
    This is who you are, and I like you! ;o)
    I think your blog ROCKS!


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