Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks to my bella sistah and some sad news...

WOW!! sarah i am so thankful!! look at all the goodies she sent???? An adorable huggabugg, a stella, some glitter brads, an adorable card and BASIC GREY PAPER! I love this paper, and was going to buy some, but held off!! I LOVE it all!!
I got some sad news today...my friend Jeannie that i bowl with, and have known since i was little, her daughter is 35 and is in her last weekw with us. Adrian had cancer for the last 6 years and they thought they got it all, but when it came back late last year it was worse than the first time. I used to play with Adrian and my cousin Stacy when i was a kid (and poor them had to babysit me!!). They would torment me with Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil", and when we played dress us i was always the baby!! LOL I guess its thanks to them and their love for metal that i became addicted years later!! :) Its going to be a sad night at bowling tonight without my buddie Jeannie:( (we always make a joke how we SUCK together! lol)...Please say some prayers for the family, it must be devistating to lose a child, a sister, an aunt and a friend!!


  1. Take me down to the very last city where the grass is green and girls are pretty oh won't you please take home! Don't you love it when I sing to you when I visit you. An another note, I am so sorry about your friend. Losing someone you love is never easy. And absolutely the family are in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. Oh, Janet, I'm sorry. Your friend's family are in my thoughts.

    You had a lovely pack of stash from Sarah, go stroke the papers :)

  3. Hi Janet
    So sorry to hear about your friend. It's the great memories you'll always have though.

    ps I want a Bella Sister LOL lucky you

  4. Janet, I was just visiting your blog for the first time and came to this post. I'm so sorry that you've lost a dear friend. I'll say an extra prayer for her family. {hug}


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