Thursday, January 22, 2009 i hate valentines day....

really i do...even when i was with someone i loved a lot, i hated this holiday! I am a believer that if you love someone you don't need a holiday to let them know, you should let them know everyday! I usually work on this holiday so i don't have to deal with it! lol Anyway...this is a card i made for a card kit swap...i really don't like it, but maybe it will do something for someone else. Maybe its because i hate the holiday that it turned out so crap...maybe its because i am tired??? lol



  1. you might not Valentines day, but this card is cute I love this.....

    btw check my blog I have something for you

    {{{hugs to you}}}

  2. Well it certainly is not your usual style however I wouldn't call it crap :-)

    I truly hate this holiday too. At least for the last 14 years where my husband has all but blown it off. Jerk.

  3. A fab card. Know what you mean about Valentine's Day tho.... I think it was somehting thought up by some lonely person in the vain hope that someone would propose to him/her!! I'm quite lucky really.. it's OH's birthday on 14th Feb so we forget about cards but he gets a pressie and so do I!!!! LOL

  4. For someone who hates VDay, you sure made a stunning VDay card!

  5. It is a great card! I'm not a fan of the day either! Unfortunately my students love it, so I have to "get into it" too...LOL

  6. This is beautiful - I love the torn look! Super cute and great layout!


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