Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh the poker champion:)

Sooooooooooooooooo...yesterday our boss had a meeting at his house, the usual boring stuff. Then we had a chef make us all dinner!! Oh i should have taken pictures!! We had carrot soup with walnuts in it, crab cakes, salad, beef tenderloin with purple potatoes (weird, but soooooo good), and for dessert we had a pear thing, a crepe thing and some chocolate ball thing (can you tell i know nothing about food!! ha ha). And we had a different wine for each course...well i don't drink often so you can image i was a little tipsy by the end!! So my bosses wife wouldn't let us play poker at his house, since its a school night and we play until 4am or so. So my wonderful boss drove us all to the Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls, we had an amazing room looking over the falls!! I don't think anyone really cared, they all just wanted to drink! So we started playing poker and drinking some more. I was having amazing luck (which i never have with poker)...i took out 3 people in a row (with 3 full houses!! yikes). By the end of the night this guy Rob and i were the last ones in and we just split the pot (although i had way more chips than he did so really i won!!). It was a great night, and makes me very thankful that i have a great boss who takes care of us all!!!
Well i have to go to the funeral home now and then off to bowling! So no card today, maybe after bowling if i am not too tired (didn't get much sleep!!).


  1. Way cool! Sounds like my kind of night. I love wine & poker! Food is just a nice Accompaniment. Some cool song is playing on your blog. I know it but can't make out the band right now. Whetevah it tis I'm diggin it! You can't have it .......It's in your face but you can't grab it......Can you hear me singing ;-)

  2. Wow! Sounds like a heck of a night - remind me never to play you at poker! :0)


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