Saturday, November 8, 2008

some cards and sad news....

Hi everyone...Here are a few cards i made tonight...i was so proud of how i coloured my tilda (i wish i had my order with my colourless blender so i could clean it up), i used the blender technique i saw on a magnolia site:) I also got this image from Vanessa (she is in one of my swaps!!) I wish i liked the card though:( ugh!

I made this surfer dude for Yoshi as he is going back to japan very soon:( Hope he likes it! I used some sketch challenges fro SCS but i can't get on there right now to let you know what...

My sad news...i think i will tell you tomorrow incase it doesn't happen (although i think it will)...its kinda happy news too though...just wish me luck i need it!!!



  1. Wow Janet, awesome job on the colouring and shading. It looks fabulous!
    K :)

  2. The shading on Tilda is magnificent, I'd love to be able to do work like that, very nice.

    But how very unfair, to leave us all on such a cliffhanger :0). Sad, happy, whichever I wish you luck but also wish you would hurry up and tell us about it!!!


  3. Your colouring is fantastic!

    Hope the news is good.

  4. Lovely cards!!! Love your coloring and Magnolias are one of my favorite images! One of so many I guess,lol!


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